Girls Volleyball Knee Pads – The protection you need

The importance of your knees are crucial, you need to take care of them. Volleyball is one of the sports that require extra protection for your knees and the girl’s volleyball knee pads are one of the best solutions.

This will help protect her from any serious injuries that could happen without the volley knee pads.

Importance – Of Volleyball Knee Pads

Volleyball has become a very competitive sport and the girl’s play their hearts out. These girl’s are great athletes, but can expose themselves to injuries, especially to the knees.

This is why the girl’s volleyball knee pads are very important and all girl’s that spend time on the volleyball court should wear them.

When playing volleyball, the girl’s volleyball knee pads protect the knee or kneecap from injury when diving to keep the ball from hitting the floor.

The protection you get from wearing knee pads reduces injuries, gives the knee support and improves performance.

Volley Knee Pad Size – Order to fit

It is also important to get the right size for your knee. Measure the circumference of the middle of your knee to get the correct size when ordering the knee pads.

When ordering you should see a size chart, be sure to order the right size that measures the same has your knee circumference.

Kids or girl’s volleyball knee pads are not the same as regular knee pads, so be sure to get the proper measurement before buying. I would also suggest getting pads that have padding on the sides as well for full protection.

There is a correct way to wear the volleyball knee pads. You need to wear them just below the kneecaps or covering the bottom half of the kneecaps. Also, be sure they are not to tight or to loose because this can cause a lot of discomfort.

Protection – Volleyball Knee Pads

Volleyball knee pads are a very important piece of protective gear, but there are other pieces of protective gear available to the volleyball enthusiast, such as volley sleeves and ankle braces.

Volleyball is one of the safest sports out there, but injuries can still happen. So whatever protection you can give your kids will help them to greatly.

Volleyball Knee Pads – To Wear or not to Wear

There has been a debate among some volleyball players; to wear or not to wear volleyball knee pads, while many argue that wearing knee pads is more of a hindrance and they can make a player develop bad habits.

However, with the proper coaching bad habits can be broken and knee pads that fit properly should not be a hindrance.

Design of Volleyball Knee Pads

There are two different designs of volleyball knee pads, bubble and flat styles. The bubble style provides a big, thick padded cushion on the top of the knee.

The disadvantage of this style is that it may be more difficult to maneuver and doesn’t have much protection for the sides of your knee.

The flat style is a slimmed down version of the bubble style volleyball knee pads. This style has less bulk and more protection around the whole knee, not just the top of the knee.

The disadvantage of the flat style knee pads is that it does not provide the thick protection for the top of the knee.


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