Sports Knee Pads

Knee pads are worn in many recreational and sporting activities such as cycling, rollerskating, skateboarding, cricket, volleyball, handball, basketball, American football, polo, dancing, etc. The sports knee pads serve primarily to protect the athletics knee when playing any sports.

Knee Pad Materials

Knee pads are one of the best ways to protect your knees not only from injury that can occur when you do a lot of activities such as basketball, football, volleyball or other contact sports, but also from wear and tear from other damage that can occur if your job includes cleaning floors, laying foundation or any other extended time on your knees.

There are several different knee pad types that each has different design, different style, different applications and different materials are used to make these knee pads and you need to know the basics about all of these materials to know which type of knee pad will be best suited for you needs.


Elastane, commonly known also as spandex or lycra is a material that is very elastic making it perfect to be used in knee pad production because knee pads, especially sleeve like knee pads need to be able to not only expand and shrink upon putting it on but also to move along with your knee when you are doing some activity from running to cleaning your house.

Additionally, elastane also dries very quickly which will prevent sweat from building up and making your knee pad wet and smelly.


Cotton is one of the most used organic fibers in the world so many knee pad manufacturers use this durable yet cheap material as a base material for knee pad manufacturing.

And because cotton is also a very soft and breathable material it adds, softness and breath ability to knee pads so they are comfortable to wear, don’t irritate the skin and don’t collect sweat.


Another material that is commonly used to make knee pads is polyester or polyethylene terephthalate. This material is one of the strongest synthetically produced fibers and when used in combination with other natural fibers it adds strength and durability to the fabric which is perfect because knee pads made from this fabric will be able to endure falls and rough conditions without ripping.

On top of that polyester is quite water resistant which is great because this means that the knee pads made from polyester won’t collect sweat as well as it is wrinkle resistant and it also retains color leaving your knee pad looking as good as new for a longer time.


Neoprene, Rubber, Silicone, Leather, Polyurethane, Gel, Plastic and Metal. There are lots of things you consider before buying a dress. You want to know first its price, its fit to your body, the choices of color, it’s fabric composition whether cotton, polyester, leather, or any other type. Same goes in buying knee pads, we must examine first its composition and the materials used in building it.

A good pair of knee pads should have a high-density strengthen foam, good elasticity, and breathable fabric that keeps skin dry. Most of all, it should be effective and comfortable at the same time.

An ideal knee protection gear for outdoor activities or training exercises should have a user-friendly design, super thin and lightweight, and provides freedom of movement without forcing muscle strength

Aside from that, it must also help you to achieve effective impact resistance and increase blood circulation.

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