Volleyball Clubs – Do They Matter?

Diggin It Champs of 2018. These girls played their heart and WON!! Way to go girls. These girls were the United Volleyball Club team members. This was their second year together and with the good coaching they took it all.

I feel that the volleyball clubs do play a big part in the success of a winning team. With good coaching and team effort, the changes of getting a scholarship for college greatly increases.

What are Volleyball Clubs

Volleyball Clubs help young players, from age 10 to 18 to be able to achieve advanced training on local, regional and national levels.

Most Volleyball clubs exist both locally, in your own area and nationally. They usually have multiple teams with these clubs.

Why play on a Volleyball Club

There are several good reasons to play club volleyball:

Expert Coaches:    These coaches understand the fundamentals of the game and can make champions of their                                                  teams.

Competition:           Whether it’s in practices or tournaments the level of play and competition is higher.

College Scholars:   For the volleyball player who wants to play at a collegiate level, club is a must.

How much does Club Volleyball cost?

High-end teams that do a lot of travel, can be upward of $8,000.00 to 10,000.00 per year, but the less competitive regional cost is around $1,500.00 to $2500.00 per year.

What Club Should You Choose?

Choosing a Club is serious business.  It is a commitment in time and money as well as an individual commitment to one club for the duration of the season.  A bad commitment can make for a very long season.

A little time researching your options and opportunities may save you a very unpleasant experience.  be sure to ask lots of questions.

If a club is hesitant to answer those questions, it is probably best to move,  Remember  volleyball is suppose to be FUN!

The Importance of Club Volleyball:

Well that all depends on the individual who will be playing.  How serious they are with their goals, but if they want to play volleyball, at any level, in college then club volleyball is your best bet.

It can be expensive and hard work but will be worth in in the long run, especially if you are serious about a scholarship to college.